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Behaving Like Children

Let’s look at our children for a moment. No matter what age they are, pause with me and think about your kids (and all kids for that matter). How do they exercise? How do they eat? I think Mommy could learn some pretty valuable fitness lessons from the Littles!

Once children are not solely driven by needs for food and sleep, their actions begin to lean toward a specific motivation: fun. Kids want to have fun and they seek it out over and over again during the course of their day. At a certain age, it becomes a driving force in their behavior and remains that way for many years! When you were a child, how did you get your exercise? You probably did what most kids do. Kids play. They play really hard whenever they get the opportunity. They play everyday, multiple times a day. Sometimes they play so hard that they wear themselves completely out! They burn some serious calories with all that playing and they don’t even realize they’re exercising! At some point, we as adults shifted from exercise being playtime to calling it a “workout”. Now as a mature and responsible Mama, exercise is a chore equated with work. Well, I propose that it’s time for adults to take back recess! What if the only way we exercised was by playing and having fun and we let that motivate our fitness choices? I think we’d have a lot happier (and more fit) bunch of grown ups giving the kids a run for their money!

Sometimes we have to force kids to stop playing for a few minutes and eat. Most active children typically don’t eat out of boredom or emotion, but simply to refuel for the next round of fun time! Children often enjoy and experience their food, but it remains a necessary means to an end. What if we were to shift our perceptions of food and start to see it as a sensory experience used to refuel us for the next task? We might revolutionize the dinner table and our waistlines at the same time!

As the weather’s getting warmer, and we’re all having a little Spring Fever, it’s the perfect time to put grown up things aside and start acting a little more like our kids! Let’s toss mature workouts out the window and have some fun! This could be the shift that motivates your fitness lifestyle! Fit4Mom offers this element of whimsy and makes exercise a good time for you and your child! When your kids see how much you enjoy taking good care of your body, they’ll notice and follow in your footsteps! The best gift you can give them is the healthiest version of you! See you on the playground!

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