Off We Go!

This past weekend, I attended a Fit4Mom training and became certified to teach a program called Body Back! I've come home fully charged, inspired, and ready to share with my tribe!

The training was incredibly informative and way more introspective than I expected! I expected to go in, learn some A&P and bio-mechanics, do a master class and take a quiz. Instead, I got to meet some brave and inspiring women, take a look at some deep-seeded fears, and experience several amazing workouts! I've decided to go on my own Mommy Wants Her Body Back journey and include you every step of the way! My hope is that you will read this, follow it, and be inspired. I want you to experience this transformation for yourself and break the cycles that are keeping you from living in every nook and cranny of your life! I want to be real and vulnerable and completely transparent and I want it to encourage you to break free! The best gift we can give to our family is the healthiest version of ourselves!

So, to begin, I'm going to post my official "before picture" and the results of my fitness assessment. This assessment was no joke and it forced me to look some things in the face that have been teetering in my head between ignoring and beating myself up about. I have gone back and forth about hitting the "upload" button over and over again. You have no idea how difficult it is for me to make this information public. Or maybe you do. Maybe you have that same voice telling you that you are stuck in who or how you are right now and there's no way to get off that train.

My biggest take-away from the weekend is that I have a tendency to want to place a qualifier on things. The only rubric is my perception of other people. That's so unfair! One of my goals through this process is to accept the data for what it is and to use it to move forward. There are years of negative self-talk to rewire in my brain, but I believe this is the way to do it and I've got my mind in the right place!

So I invite you all to be my accountability partners! Celebrate my victories with me and, maybe join in soon! Fit4Mom Flower Mound will begin offering this program soon and I'm looking forward to seeing our community of moms becoming the best versions of themselves for their families!

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