The New Skinny

'Tis the season to try and lose weight.

People ask all the time what I think is the best way to drop those pounds and fit into that bikini or that little black dress. My answer typically surprises them.

Generally, I say, don't worry about the scale or the clothes in the back of your closet. Instead, what if we focused on our performance goals?

Think about it. Professional athletes, some celebrities, the people whose bodies you might wish you had, they are going to train and fuel for the purpose of bettering their performance of specific tasks. One of our goals at Fit4Mom Flower Mound/Denton/Frisco is help moms shift the focus from the scale to how they perform the daily tasks ahead of them (and the ones they are aiming for)!

This starts with setting goals. Forget the bikini for a minute, and think of what you want to accomplish. It might be that you want to run a marathon this year! Or maybe you just want to run around the yard with your kids without getting winded. Decide the tasks that you want to perform well and then train for those tasks.

Our trainers focus on training you functionally so that you're daily tasks become easier. So grab a buddy and get to some classes! Let the instructor know what your goals are and she will guide you to gaining strength to perform better in those areas!

This makes eating easy too! As you make your nutritional choice, ask yourself if this will make you perform better. Determine if this will get you closer to the goals of being healthy and strong and act accordingly!

This is simple, but it's not easy! Luckily, we have a community of moms who are happy to support each other and share in the struggles and the victories! Let your village help you and gain from their knowledge and efforts at the same time!

If strength, health, and performance are your focus, the weight will come off, the body will change, and you'll probably have to sell that little black dress because it will be too big!

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