Three Weeks In

Today was a milestone day in my Body Back journey! Three and a half weeks into this eight-week program, I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight! I am nine months post-partum and I've made it to that "magic number" I was hoping to get to!

While it is exciting to see the number on the scale moving, there are even more exciting changes happening! First of all, my clothes FIT! They fit and they look good! This has done huge things for my confidence!

I am also finding that I don't want to eat as much. Even when very "tempting" foods are in front of me, it hasn't been as difficult to resist them. It was a struggle to get to this weight before I was pregnant, but this time, the struggle has been different. I still have to work at it, but my mind is in the right place and the struggle is freeing rather than binding!

Perhaps the best change, however, has been a growing awareness of how I talk to myself. There's a voice that tells me that I can't do it, I'm not a good parent, I'll never reach my fitness goals. The other voice tells me that I have a purpose in this life and I can accomplish it; that I will not settle for mediocrity. In taking time to extend the space between stimulus and response, I have found that the positive voice is louder and stronger than the negative one. I am stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally because I am listening to that voice that tells me I'm fearless and pushing myself further than ever before!

I am not even half way through my journey and I have experienced some pretty fantastic transformations! It is having a positive impact on every facet of my life! The workouts, the eating plan, and the inspiration have been life-changing! I really hope that other moms will read my story and be willing to try this incredible program! I can't wait to share Body Back with the mothers in my community!

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